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  • Unmasking the Web of Deceit: A Closer Look at Email Scams

    vector image of a computer screen with email envelope and a scammer behind it.

    Email scams, often dressed in deceptive disguises, have become an unfortunate reality of our digital age. These fraudulent schemes, driven by cunning cybercriminals, prey on unsuspecting victims, causing financial losses, emotional distress, and a breach of privacy. In this article, we delve into the world of email scams, understanding their various forms, the psychology behind them, and the essential steps to protect yourself from falling victim.


  • Linking Google Analytics 4: A Step-by-Step Guide

    vector image of a the words Google Analytics 4.

    Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is a powerful tool for tracking and analyzing website data, helping businesses make informed decisions. To maximize its potential, it’s essential to link GA4 to various accounts and platforms, such as Google Ads, Google Search Console, and Google Tag Manager. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of linking GA4 to these accounts for a seamless data integration experience.

  • The Importance of Proper SEO HTML Hierarchy

    vector image of a computer with a list of necessary html tags to provide proper seo.

    In the ever-evolving landscape of search engine optimization (SEO), staying ahead of the curve is essential for achieving higher search engine rankings and improved user experiences. One often-overlooked but crucial aspect of SEO is the proper utilization of HTML hierarchy and semantics. In this article, we will delve into why understanding and implementing these concepts are vital for your website’s success.

  • vector image of people putting a website together.

    Clean Up Your Website For A Fresh Start

    vector image of people putting a website together.

    It’s the perfect time to do some early spring cleaning on your website! Cleaning up your site should be a part of your regular website maintenance routines, but it’s something that many business owners may not have the time to do so. An up-to-date site is important to both your visitors and search engines. Not sure where to begin? Follow these tips to kick off 2023 with a fresh start!

  • vector graphic of people connecting with business through email

    Build An Awesome Contact Page For Your Users

    vector graphic of people connecting with business through a contact page form

    If you have a website for a business, you need a contact page that allows your visitors and potential customers contact you or find your store. Do it right, and the content on this page can improve both user experience and SEO. But if your visitors struggle to reach you, that’s bad as you could lose out on sales. So let’s go over some pointers and build an awesome contact page with these best practices!

  • illustration of a team aiming to hit the bullseye of a target

    3 Reasons Why You Should Set Business Goals

    illustration of a team aiming to hit the bullseye of a target

    Business owners should not fear setting goals or projections because there is absolutely no downside to doing so. Also, it is important to remember that goal setting doesn’t have to be only about revenue. It could relate to branding, website needs, service offerings, or anything that is important to enhancing your business. Here are three reasons why you should be setting goals for your organization:

  • illustration showing a person in a wheelchair and devices that are ADA compliant

    9 Things To Make Your Website More Accessible

    illustration showing a person in a wheelchair and devices that are ADA compliant

    Making your website accessible for people with disabilities makes sense for any business. Optimize your website for visually impaired users with these tips. Incorporating accessibility on your website is the right thing to do today.

  • illustration of people putting together a WordPress site

    Setup Up Your WordPress Like A Boss

    illustration of people putting together a WordPress site

    WordPress is a great choice to power your website or blog — it’s reliable, flexible, and allows you to create beautiful pages and posts with ease. But if not setup properly, they can leave your visitors with a lack of trust and low SEO rankings, which is detrimental if your website is not displaying on searches. Below are five basic items that should be checked and made sure are properly setup for a clean professional website.

  • image of google ads elements

    The Magic of Google Ads Conversion Tracking

    image of google ads elements

    You’ve spent hours putting your Google Ads campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords, sitelinks, extensions and everything else that entails on creating them. You’re excited about launching your digital marketing, also known as PPC. But now, how do you make sure they’re working? A successful Google Ads campaign goes way beyond ad clicks or impressions. When you want to get leads, sales, and other conversions, you need to know what happens post-click. This is where conversion tracking comes in.

  • image of layers of building a website vector graphics

    The Various Layers of Building A Website

    image of layers of building a website vector graphics

    So you want to build a website or you may already have a website built. We’re here to give you a better understanding of what you need to know when it comes to your website. Many people believe that building a robust, professional website takes adding pictures and writing content and that’s it. Well, grab a coffee, have a seat and get ready to have a better understanding of the various layers of building a website.

  • image of youtube app with title of managing youtube roles

    Manage Your YouTuber Managers

    image of youtube app with title of managing youtube roles

    If you’re a new YouTube idol and learning the basics, then this article is for you. The current YouTube update allows you to have more than one YouTube channel manager or admins. If you don’t know how to add admin to YouTube channel, then don’t worry because after reading this, you’ll realize how easy it is.

    YouTube offers many roles to manage a single channel; however, the roles you have access to depends on the type of channel you own. The two types are “Personal Channels” and “Brand Accounts.”

  • image of icons that list the benefits of blogging

    Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging

    image of icons that list the benefits of blogging

    If you’re not blogging, you’re missing out. That’s the unfortunate truth. In this digital age, businesses need to blog to stay ahead of the curve and generate more leads. If you’re looking to scale your business and improve your marketing, then it’s a good idea to start a blog. It’s accessible and effective in numerous ways. Not convinced? Read further, and we’ll help you decide. (more…)

  • image of video editing software editing a video

    Benefits Of Hero Videos

    image of video editing software editing a video.

    You may have seen a lot of websites lately starting to use video as their hero backgrounds for their homepages. As technology and web speeds improve, many businesses are realizing the benefits of having a hero video on the front page of their website. A hero video helps your website stand out from the competition and it conveys the whole idea of your services much quicker than words can. It’s also proving to be more effective than the still photos and slideshows that were used before it.

  • image of a digital lock

    Is Your Business Network Secured?

    image of a digital lock

    Cybersecurity is up by 600% and is estimated to cost businesses $10.5 trillion by the time 2025 rolls around. And these aren’t the only stats that you need to worry about. With the impact of cybersecurity becoming more and more severe, highly secure website solutions have never been as important as they are today.

  • image of Google Business Profile and Services

    The Benefits of Google Business Profile

    image of Google Business Profile and Services

    It’s now faster and easier to promote your products or services. According to today’s market research, 50% of the people who use mobile phones for local searches visit or shop online of the store they were viewing on their phone. Considering almost everyone uses a smartphone today, you can imagine the potential sales you can get just through organic search and Google Business Profile.

  • image of samples of email newsletters

    9 Compelling Benefits of Email Marketing To Drive More Revenue

    image of samples of email newsletters

    More leads. More sales. More revenue. No matter what kind of business you own, whether a small business or a worldwide commerce retail store, email marketing is one of the most effective channels for generating conversions and sales. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of email marketing — and why your business should make email a part of its digital marketing strategy!

  • image of a digital lock with the word cybersecurity over it.

    Secure Your Website This Winter

    image of a digital lock with the word cybersecurity over it.

    With the winter holidays coming, comes the responsibility to make sure your website is secured. As festive as the holidays are, there are those that would like to spoil it for the rest of us. These cybercriminals know that we’ll be shopping online using our favorite store’s website. It’s predicted that cybercrime will cost the global economy more than $10.5 trillion every year by 2025 and according to the FBI, attackers are especially active during the holiday season.

  • image of a dark shady person and a scam call

    Stop Scammers In Their Tracks

    image of a dark shady person and a scam call

    We depend on our phones for almost everything. So what happens when you receive a phone call from an organization you know demanding personal information or payment? Scammers don’t just rely on calls, they use texts too. Some which look legitimate. So how can you tell if it is legitimate or a scam?

  • image of sections of license plates that spell out Brand.

    Brand Awareness Vs. Brand Identity

    image of sections of license plates that spell out Brand.

    We all want to promote our brand. Having people recognize our logo, our moto, or even the name of the business is how we get people to recognize us. Alright, so brand awareness is pretty simple – awareness of a brand. What, then, is brand identity?

  • image of the word security on a screen

    WordPress Website Security

    Website security

    image of the word security on a screen

    There’s no doubt having a website built with WordPress makes things easier. With so many businesses using WordPress, security is a very important topic. With that being said, you’ve probably encountered your fair share of WordPress updates.

  • image of seo elements floating from the keyboard as someone is searching on their laptop

    What The Cost Of SEO May Mean

    What To Expect On The Cost Of Good SEO

    image of SEO (search engine optimization) elements floating from the keyboard as someone is searching on their laptop

    Website need quality SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but how much should one expect to pay or who can one trust? Learn how to set expectations and what the cost of SEO may mean.

    SEO is a widely adopted online marketing strategy that is used to increase brand awareness, build a target audience, and rank on Google and other major search engines.


  • image of a startup website on a laptop screen

    8 Things Your New Website Should Have

    Things Your New Business Website Should Have

    image of a startup website on a laptop screen

    Building a new business is exciting and can be challenging. Alongside the time you’ll be spending on your new business you’ll also need a website. It’s no longer a question if you should have a website. Not having one will make it difficult to establish and market it against your competitors. But what should your website have in order for it to be effective and profitable? There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, but the following basic functions will help you establish and make sure your website is being visited, used and helping establish your brand. Here are the 8 things your new website should have in order to be competitive.

  • SEO Marketing: What’s The Huge Deal?

    Why SEO Matters To Your Business

    image of someone searching online with SEO text overlaid.

    You’ve heard everyone talk about SEO marketing and search engine optimization. You have a hunch about what it is and how it works, but why is it important? What does SEO have to do with search engines and how users experience your website? As sophisticated the concept of search engine optimization is, it’s actually quite simple. We’ll explain the simplicity and depth of how you can implement basic SEO to your website to help improve your online presence. (more…)

  • Best Practices for Using Video on the Web

    5 Best Ways To Use Video Content Wisely

    Video is everywhere and it’s one of the best marketing platforms to boost your business brand. People are searching everything on their phone and websites featuring videos tend to be more effective. Here’s how to use video content wisely.

    Having video introduce your business, provide instructions or review the latest product is a sure way to attract more traffic to your website. Studies suggest that websites featuring videos not only convert at higher rates, they also tend to rank better with search engines. (more…)

  • Image of someone shopping online with credit card on hand.

    The Workhorse Website

    The Benefits Of Having A Website

    Image of someone shopping online with credit card on hand.

    A business’s online presence has a huge impact on its success

    It’s unfortunate, but some businesses do not realize that a majority of their customers will search for their website before making a purchase. Having a strong online presence, particularly a website, will determine if that business will increase their sales. Not only that, but the quality of their website impacts results too. Continue reading to find out more about the importance and benefits of having a website.


  • Image of packages for branding service

    The Basics of Branding

    Shining Some Light On Your Branding Promise

    Image of branded packages to show the basics of branding.
    The basics of branding may seem overwhelming, but we’ll shine some light on them. Branding plays a vital role in your business, large or small and whichever industry you may be in. A strong brand strategy makes your business stand out against competitors. How does branding help your business? What exactly is branding? (more…)

  • image of a website wireframe

    Top 5 Tips To Learn How To Talk To Your Web Designer

    When it comes to designing a website, there’s a lot to take into consideration.

    image of a group reviewing a web design concept which - how to talk to your web designer
    Your designer requires as much feedback as possible to assist them in designing something you will be proud of upon launching it out into the world wide web. So, here are 5  To-The-Point Tips on how to talk to your web designer and provide them with helpful feedback: (more…)

  • Image of Google's letter G and mathematical terms

    Google’s 2021 Core Update

    Google’s plan with its 2021 core update

    Everyone enjoys a good user experience when visiting a website. If not, most likely the visitor will bounce and hurt your SEO ranking juice. And that’s what Google is noticing. Hence, they have pushed out Google’s 2021 Core Update. (more…)

  • image of Pay Per Click graphic

    Advertise For Your Business

    image of Pay Per Click graphicSo many people find themselves stuck when it comes to advertising for their business. They either feel like they don’t know what they are doing or they don’t have enough time to put into it. Continue reading to find out more about how to advertise for your business by making sure you ask yourself the right questions. (more…)

  • Vector image of SSL certified protection

    SSL Encryption and Your Security

    photo of ssl protection

    What is SSL encryption and how does it work and why is it important?

    While browsing the internet you’ve probably wondered how websites keep your information safe. The answer is, with SSL encryption. (more…)

  • Image of email envelopes being reviewed with a magnifying glass

    Ways to avoid getting scammed!

    image of how to avoid being scammedAs more people are going online more people are getting scammed. Learn how to avoid being scammed and protecting yourself. People are always looking for a way to come up with different schemes to get money easily. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you need to keep an eye out for them all for your safety and the people that you love’s safety. (more…)

  • email marketing image

    Best Time To Send Your Email Marketing Campaign

    email marketing image

    You want to grow your business. You know that email marketing is one of the best ways to promote your services. But, do you know what is the best time to send out your email marketing campaigns? The time of day and the day you send them have a significant impact on your open rates ¬— the count of how many recipients opened your email. Schedule it for the perfect time and success! Today, you’ll find out when is the best time to schedule your email marketing campaign and how we came about with this data. (more…)

  • Picture of cupped hands holding of a sprout.

    Cynicism…Party of No Thank You!

    image of ideas

    During a design project with a team, there are many ideas and opinions being thrown in all directions. Each one held dearly by its creator. There can not be any cynicism in the room where precious thoughts are being born. Cynicism, party of no thank you! (more…)

  • Vector graphic of rating stars (3 stars)

    The Importance Of User Research

    image of user satisfaction

    The Importance of User Experience

    You’re about to start working on a web service for your customers. Question now is whether or not your project will meet your user’s expectations. Any company that has ever worked on a product or service has always needed to do market research. It’s the process which will allow the company to gathering information about consumers’ needs and preferences. User Research is similar in which it’ll allow the company to gain knowledge on what are the expectations of the customer and how to meet them. So, now you need to ask yourself, “Is it worth it to do User Research?” Read on to understand the importance of user research. (more…)

  • Image of website wire frame on notebook.

    Should You Go Custom Or Template?

    graphic of a computer screen | custom or template?So you’re thinking of getting a website, but don’t know if you should go custom-built or template-based with WordPress or other 3rd party themes — Wix, Squarespace among others. With the following information, we hope it will help you determine whether custom or template is the best choice for your business. Just know that you can’t go wrong with either one, but you can go wrong with neither one. (more…)

  • How Colors Affect Your SEO Ranking

    image of colored pencils | color affects everyone

    Color Affects More Than Just Things

    How does color affect your SEO ranking? Here’s a thought experiment. So, you’re out shopping and you find this awesome new bicycle.  It has an awesome slick design, great gears, light-weight, and a great price!  It’s the bike you’ve always been looking for your whole life.  Oh, and it’s hot-pink?  Unless you love hot-pink, chances are you’ll be disappointed and not buy it.  Why is that?  It has all the latest and greatest necessities, but you chose to not buy it.  All because of its color.  This is where color psychology comes in.