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Cybersecurity is up by 600% and is estimated to cost businesses $10.5 trillion by the time 2025 rolls around. And these aren’t the only stats that you need to worry about. With the impact of cybersecurity becoming more and more severe, highly secure website solutions have never been as important as they are today.

Network Security Attacks

A network attack is defined to be the process of attempting to maliciously compromise a security network. There are two types of network attacks; active attacks and passive attacks. Below are two examples of these network attacks.

  • Active Attacks: In an active attack, the intruder attempts to disrupt the network’s normalcy, modifies the information, and tries to alter the system resources. A sender, receiver, and attacker is a man in the middle trying to create an active attack. When the sender sends data to the receiver, the attacker intercepts that data, modifies the data, and then sends the modified data to the receiver. While doing so, neither the receiver nor the sender would be aware of the attacker, and thus they would not be aware of the modification that has been done.
  • Passive Attacks: In a passive attack, the intruder intercepts data that travels through the network. Here, the intruder eavesdrops but does not alter the message. The attacker captures the data packets and copies the contents to use them later.

Network Security Methods

All the network security system components work together to improve an organization’s security posture. Listed below are a few standard network security components.

Access Control: You should be able to prevent unauthorized users and devices from entering your network to keep out possible attackers. Users having network access should only access the resources for which they have been granted access.
Application Security: The hardware, software, and processes that may be utilized to track and lockdown application vulnerabilities that attackers can employ to enter your network are referred to as application security.
Firewalls: A firewall is a hardware or software responsible for blocking incoming or outgoing traffic from the internet to your computer. Firewalls are required for a secure network.
Virtual Private Networks(VPN): Virtual Private Network (VPN) connects a VPN server and a VPN client. It is a secure tunnel-like connection across the internet.
Intrusion Detection System (IDS): An IDS is designed to detect unauthorized access to a system. It is used together with a firewall and a router.
Honeypots: Honeypots are computer systems that are used to lure attackers. It is used to deceive attackers and defend the entire network from any attack.

Benefits of Network Security

As shown above, there are many potential threats to security. To overcome and prevent these problems from happening, you need the right application server security best practices. You can use many different methods for secure web development. However, some are better than others. Here are a few tips for improving your web development security.

Protection Against External Threats: The objectives for cyber assaults can be as varied as the offenders, although they are typically initiated for financial gain. Whether industrial spies, hacktivists, or cybercriminals, these bad actors all have one thing in common: how quick, clever, and covert their attacks are.

Protection Against Internal Threats: The human aspect continues to be the cyber security system’s weakest link. Insider risks can originate from current or former workers, third-party vendors, or even trusted partners, and they can be unintentional, careless, or downright evil. Aside from that, the rapid expansion of remote work, personal devices used for business purposes, and even IoT devices in remote locations can make these threats easier to undetected until it’s too late.

Brand Trust: Customer retention is one of the most crucial elements in business development. Customers today place a premium on maintaining brand loyalty through a strong cyber security stance since this is the fastest way to get their business back, get referrals, and sell more tickets overall. Additionally, it helps manufacturers get on the vendor list with bigger companies as a part of their supply chain, which is only as strong as its weakest link.


With the possibility of many different web app cyberattacks occurring, you need to be prepared and have a quality web app security strategy to protect yourself and your business. However, by implementing some critical security measures for your web application, you can ensure you are safe from the majority of cyberattacks harming your website application and your customers.

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