image of ideas

During a design project with a team, there are many ideas and opinions being thrown in all directions. Each one held dearly by its creator. There can not be any cynicism in the room where precious thoughts are being born. Cynicism, party of no thank you!

When building something that is yet to be made from conceptual designs, you’ll always have some people that will tell you that it’s impossible to do. There’s also people, like us, that figure out a way it can be done. At that point, we lead on with our creativity and deliver a product; while the cynics move on, set to destroy a different idea.

True, haters will always be around you. Trying to keep you down, but we don’t let that happen. We nurture our creativity by allowing it to grow. Cynicism is a poison that will destroy creative life and suck out all the energy out of your team. A team without life is a team without ambition or creativity.

image of a seedling being nurturedNurturing Possibilities
At Green Monkeys Studio, when someone has an idea we push it grow. We never ever stifle its growth. We make sure everyone in the design process feels proud about their contribution. So, what’s one way we come about making sure we accomplish this? With the power of a simple word.

The Power of ‘And’
One of the ways we make sure to reject cynicism is by utilizing the power of “and” when we are brainstorming. We avoid using limiting words such as ‘but’ when giving feedback. With “and” it allows the team to figure out ways to grow their initial idea; until they are so impressed at what they’ve accomplished and created.

Fighting a Good Fight
Green Monkeys Studio will always support your ideas and work towards making them a reality. Ideas start off small and can grow up to be huge. Like everything in life, things that grow will inevitably change, but that can be a good thing too. What ever the end result, make room to grow and even sometimes fail, but even failure can be a great thing!