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What is SSL encryption and how does it work and why is it important?

While browsing the internet you’ve probably wondered how websites keep your information safe. The answer is, with SSL encryption.

SSL stands for “Secure Socket Layer”. It secures sensitive information that goes over the internet from consumer to the website. This prevents hackers from reading information. All the coding that is being sent over from client to server gets encrypted with a random algorithm. When you see “https” at the beginning of a website, this means that the particular website uses some form of SSL encryption. If you only see “http” then the site is not secured and open to data interception.

The Importance of Being Secured

If you are selling anything on your website you’re going to want to protect your client’s information. Doing so will protect you, your clients and will build trust. Loyal customers will grow knowing  your site’s secured. It gives them peace of mind knowing that their information is safe. And it’s important because it secures all the sensitive data being transferred from client to your website. Without it, any hacker could easily read the data from your website and this would cause a lot of problems for your customers.

The Benefits of Having an SSL Certificate

If your website is not secured and your customer’s information gets stolen, they will want some type of legal action taken. It’s really easy to avoid the headaches. One just needs to purchase an SSL certificate.  Having a secured lock icon by your domain URL let’s people know it’s safe to browse. This also let’s them know that they may purchase or enter any sensitive information. SSL  is a protocol that allows for authentication, decryption, and encryption. Not only does the protocol protect sensitive information, it makes sure that everything is authenticated.

The Purchase of SSL Certificates

The purchase of SSL is simple and not too complicated to install. Once you have bought SSL, you’re really buying a SSL certificate, once you have the certificate purchased you can then activate said certificate, then you install the certificate on your website and update your website and you will see your website go from http to https.

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The Importance of Having a SSL Certificate

It is very important that your website has an SSL certificate especially if you are selling goods where private personal information is required. It’s important if credit card information is being used. As the owner of the website, you do not want hackers to intercept any sensitive information from your customers. Just by seeing the “s” at the end of “https” and the little secured lock icon, it will persuade hackers from attempting to hack your website.

How SSL Encryption Works

While private information is being entered and on transit to your website’s server, it gets encrypted. Once it gets to its destination it is then decrypted. In short, SSL is an easy no brainer to have. It gives not only the customers a peace of mind but it also gives you a peace of mind running your website the right way and protecting sensitive information.

Learn More

If you’re interested in learning more about the different types of SSL Certificates, we recommend you visit digicert. They have great information about them, as well.

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