5 Best Ways To Use Video Content Wisely

Video is everywhere and it’s one of the best marketing platforms to boost your business brand. People are searching everything on their phone and websites featuring videos tend to be more effective. Here’s how to use video content wisely.

Having video introduce your business, provide instructions or review the latest product is a sure way to attract more traffic to your website. Studies suggest that websites featuring videos not only convert at higher rates, they also tend to rank better with search engines.

Here are five best practices for adding video content to your own website and start building that connection with your visitors.

Video on the Web Best Practices

  • Be mindful of file size. Typically, a 720p resolution is as high as we need a video to be for it to function well as an HTML5 video. And any video you’re hosting on your own website should be smaller than 10mb in size whenever possible. As a general rule of thumb, the smaller the better since users have to wait for the file to load before the page itself loads.
  • Consider external hosting. An exception to our “the smaller the better” rule comes in the form of hosting video content externally. By hosting the video file on a service like YouTube or Vimeo, you can still maintain a faster page load time while enjoying a little more flexibility with file size. As an added bonus, this makes your video discoverable in multiple locations. On the downside, you may have a harder time using these files as banners or backgrounds.
  • Don’t jar your visitors with automatically playing audio. Videos that automatically run on your website shouldn’t be reliant on sound or audio—auto-playing audio content is a great way to guarantee a bunch of users will bounce from your website immediately. In fact, browsers like Chrome may not even play your video if it isn’t set to mute. Give your users the chance to consent to hearing the audio to ensure your videos are not doing more harm than good.
  • Don’t put important information in video format without featuring it elsewhere. Having information in a video only (ie. Text in a video or visuals/imagery only present in a video) isn’t great for accessibility. Consider making a video optional and putting that information that’s in the video on the page in text form for a more accessible experience and additional SEO strength.
  • Include closed captions. Accessibility is very important to us and we make sure your website is accessible to others as well. We want to make sure important information in your videos is available by easily including closed captions. Something as easy as that makes a world of difference to those that may not be able to hear. That’s how we make sure we not only build you a great website, but let your community connect with your business too.

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