image of how to avoid being scammedAs more people are going online more people are getting scammed. Learn how to avoid being scammed and protecting yourself. People are always looking for a way to come up with different schemes to get money easily. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you need to keep an eye out for them all for your safety and the people that you love’s safety.

The first steps to protect yourself

They look for easy ways to take advantage of people. People have lost their entire retirement in one night. So, making yourself aware of the issues is the first step to protecting yourself. The best way to try to prevent any scammers from getting your money or belongings is to know what to look out for. Now I don’t know it all but I can tell you what I do know.

They will try to scam you by text, email, phone calls or even standing outside of stores getting you to donate.  You need to stay vigilant and never give money to anyone you don’t know. Also, companies generally don’t call for personal information.

What scammers do

Be aware that during the holidays we seem to get more spam calls and those are dangerous. For instance, scammers will call and say they are from the social security office. They will demand your private information to try to scare you. Do not fall for these kinds of scams. Remember, companies will never ask for your private information. They may even try to text and have you go to a website. Make sure that any time you are going to a website you double check it’s a secure website.

image of email protectionScammers will also use email to get your information. These emails will contain links that can send you to a website that looks legitimate or worse install a virus. So, care must be taken when receiving emails from an unfamiliar sender. Care must also be taken when you get an email with offers that are too good to be true. i.e. You just won a million dollars!

Another method scammers may use is texting. Scammers will text you with a text that contains a well known business or organization. If you receive a text containing a link or requesting personal information do not click on it. Instead, contact the company and talk to their customer service.

Learn More.

If you’re interested in learning more about Ways to avoid being scammed, we recommend you visit Better Business Bureau. There you will find more information on scammers and ways to avoid being scammed. They have great information and more.

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