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There’s no doubt having a website built with WordPress makes things easier. With so many businesses using WordPress, security is a very important topic. With that being said, you’ve probably encountered your fair share of WordPress updates.

Aside from maintaining your website and making sure your WordPress theme is updated, the plugins you’re using also have to be updated for security purposes. All this can be quite a handful to maintain.

Nonetheless, these updates are extremely important to your website, your business and your visitors. By not being on top of these updates, you run the risk of compromising the security of your website and your visitors.

We’ve gone over website security before, but we can not stress enough how important it is, especially now that the holidays are coming. We’re here to help and to answer questions, but most of all we’re here for you.


Everyone wants their website to run smoothly and fast. Performing system updates help your website stay on top of things and run quickly. As you may imagine, outdated WordPress versions or plug-ins can make your site glitch or worse break your site. All this affects how your site ranks on major search engines; your website speed, user experience and the core web vitals. If your website is slow or not functioning properly, people will leave your site. This, in turn, will lower your ranking and search engines will drop your website to the bottom of the search results, making it harder for visitors to find and visit your website.

Keeping An Eye

It’s pretty straightforward to keep your WordPress site updated. That’s a benefit of having a WordPress site. It’s just a click away to have your theme and plug-ins updated. Though, with that ease also comes the ease of messing something up. You need to make sure that not only the plug-in is up-to-date, but that the update itself is compatible with the version of your WordPress version. If you’ve updated your WordPress version and your plug-in application isn’t coded to meet the new WordPress version, your plug-in will not work. And if it doesn’t work, then as mentioned before it may not work or worse it may break your site.


Each update makes sure your performance and security is raised. So, overall, make sure that your plug-ins are updated and meeting the WordPress requirements to keep things running smoothly.

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