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Starting Up With The Right Foot Foward

Let's start establishing your online presence with a professional, modern website that let's you stand out among your competition.

We're Your Team

Not only do we build you a great website, we make sure we're there for the long haul by providing you services that will elevate your business. Our marketing and design teams provide strategy plans that aim to grow your business by targeting your industry locally and nationally.

Green Monkeys Studio's Promise

Our website design service starts with a conversation to better understand your needs and making sure your business is set to succeed online. We do so by properly setting up your business profile on Google's platform. Others only deliver a website, but we take the extra initiative of making sure your online presence and authority are fortified. We know that when you're happy, we're happy. You are our focus and that's our promise.

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Click our chat button on the bottom right and let's get started. No chat bots here, just real people. Tambien hablamos español.

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Core Design Process

Our promise to you is to deliver a fast, responsive, great user experience-focused website. Every website we build is built on our GMS Core Foundation. No matter if it's a landing page site or a corporate website. You will always recieve our dedication and focus.

Research & Discovery

A professional, robust website can only be built by planning properly. We do not cut corners. We do our research in your industry to fully understand your message and services. From our discovery, we forge a concept design of your website.

Concept Design That Represents

We design a concept for your website that you will review and provide your feedback. This is a vital moment in building your website because it lays the foundation for the rest of the work to be developed and deliver a website that you are proud to promote.

Development That Focuses On Great User Experience

Having a website is good. Having a website that is professional, functions and provides great user experience is the best. By having the foundation laid out and knowing what is to be expected will pave the way to coding your website to be fully functional, meet expectations and provide the value that people are searching for online.

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Core SEO Strategy

We make sure you're seen by establishing your online presence with quality SEO content that ranks. We know from our experience and know-how what it takes to rank online when someone searches for your services. Your website is built with our GMS Core Foundation — quality, organic, custom SEO content.

Keyword Research

Just like Design Research & Discovery, keyword research gives us an in-depth insight into your industry. It aids in building a strategy that your business will benefit from and the best ROI.

Keyword Strategy Plan

We build a concise and strategic plan for your pages' content from what we learned from our keyword research. You know exactly why a page is built and the goal it will attain. Like we said, we don't take any shortcuts.

Establishing Online Presence With Quality SEO Content

Not only is your website designed with a professional look, it's built to rank on major search engines. Each page is built with SEO ranking content put together from our SEO content strategy that meets Google's search engine requirements.

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Business Growth Goals

We know the challenges of starting a business. We also know that by understanding your business goals it allows us to know what paths to take to achieve those goals. We will take you from concept, design, development, launch and post-launch when you work with us. You're not just a client, you're our partner. Our focus.

Services That Supplement

Why did we choose our name to be Green Monkeys Studio? When Jesus found Green Monkeys Studio, he wanted to build an agency that not only focused on one thing. He wanted to build a company where he could have a team that enjoyed working together and invest in their growth. So, Green Monkeys Studio was born. Where we don't only provide web design and SEO content marketing services, but also digital marketing, video, motion graphics, 3D animation, audio, and graphic design for print and digital formats. We're a small agency, but we have the dedication and fire to help others grow because we've been there.


The Value of Your Business

How Much Does It Cost?

We're here to make things easier and one way we do this is by being flexible on the payment. Depending on the complexity of your website, we'll provide you with a quote. Every website is different and we want to make sure you are provided with the best design with your budget. Therefore, we ask that a deposit be made; which is half of the total project cost. The remaining balance can be made once the website is launched with a payment plan.

We Don't Complicate Things

When we work together, there's communication. Plain and simple. The benefit of working with us is, connection. When we connect, we understand. When we understand, we accomplish. We're veteran-owned, so we get things done.

Let's Get Started!

There's no better time than the present. Let us know your business goals. Knowing where you want to be allows us to build the path to get there.

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