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On July 1, 2023 Google will no longer process Google Analytics data through Universal Analytics. We'll help you migrate from your current Google Analytics to the new Google Analytics 4.

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Why Migrate to Google Analytics 4?

On Jul 1, 2023 Universal Analytics will stop tracking data. Hence, to avoid loss of your crucial data, it is critical to migrate to GA4 before 30th June 2023.

The Improvements In GA4

  • User behavior insights, data collection and reporting accuracy, and user engagement tracking capabilities
  • Advances in user experience measurement and user acquisition and conversion metrics
  • Enhanced privacy and data security protection
  • Better measurement of web and app performance
  • Better measurement of dynamic content and user journeys
  • Better capacity to measure user behavior across platforms and devices.

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If You Stay Ready, You Don't Have To Get Ready

Planning now and preparing for the migration to UA to GA4 is essential to your business. While you will be able to access the UA data for a period of 6 months, after this date, existing Universal Analytics properties may no longer be available.

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Our GA4 Migration Approach

Auditing UA Properties

We'll conduct an advanced audit on the existing tags parameters. The objective of the audit will be to determine the importance of the tracking code and its migration plus continuation in Google Analytics 4. All the critical tags, triggers, and variables will be transferred to the new set-up.

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GA4 Migration Strategy

Upon completing the audit, the next step will be to start mapping the ideal set-up for GA4. We'll cover the following:

  • Events and conversion tracking
  • Event parameters for GA4 custom dimensions
  • Ecommerce tracking
  • User properties, like User ID
  • Content groups
  • Custom audiences

GA4 Configuration & Deployment – We'll then set up the new GTM container(s) and GA4 properties. We will also test and debug all new tracking. Before deployment, we'll have you review it.

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Reporting Set-Up

Even for those who are well-versed in using UA for reporting, GA4’s reporting interface initially comes across as completely foreign. We can solve your team’s reporting needs by building Explorations in GA4 and creating dashboards in Google Looker Studio so you can find the data you need.

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Begin Your GA4 Migration

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GA4 Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Google Analytics 4 (GA4)?

    Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is an event-based, instead of session-based analytics tool that will replace Universal Analytics officially on July 1st of 2023. GA4 measures actions on your website conducted by users and provides friendly dashboards and an interface for understanding user behavior which can inform your web and app designs, marketing content, and even sales decisions.

  • Does installing Google Analytics 4 (GA4) require migration from Universal Analytics (UA)?

    While you can still use Universal Analytics even after implementing Google Analytics 4, it is recommended that you migrate so you don’t encounter any gaps in your tracking or measurement and also get to take advantage of all the new features. Further, UA will stop tracking new sessions on July 1, 2023.

  • Can I use GA4 alongside my existing Google Analytics properties?

    Yes, technically GA4 and UA/GA3 can run and collect data at the same time on your site, but on July 1st UA/GA3 session tracking will be sunset.

  • Will the historical data from Universal Analytics (UA) be available after the migration?

    No, the historical data from UA will not be available after the migration as GA4 only has access to the event-based data it collects itself. Historical data tracked with the UA property will be temporarily available for 6 months after July 1st, 2023. Google and Marcel Digital strongly recommend you migrate early and export historical data for your records.