Cyber Trash Can 3D Animation

  • Industry: Environmental
  • Location: Seattle, WA
  • Services: 3D Animation
  • Link: YouTube

Trash Cans Of The Future!

This newly design automated trash can is the wave of the future. 3D Animation is a great way to provide your customers a visualization of your products and ideas. By providing professional video and 3D animation, anything is possible with Green Monkeys Studio.


eCommerce Website Design & Development Process

Our design and development efforts for this project were truly inspired by the product content that fills the site. We wanted the colors and fonts to match the aesthetic that the Compendium team portrays through their unique products.

We began the process with a brand summit, and therewe saw that there was a disconnect between the umbrella brand of Compendium and the popular sub-brands they offer like Positively Green and Frank and Funny. This helped us understand the necessity for some hierarchy on the website between the product overview and detail pages, along with the need for faceted search on all the product pages that would allow users to search between brands, occasions, and gift types.

From there we worked collaboratively with their team to design out the homepage, creating two different concepts so that the team could have a choice between two different design paths. With that followed the subpages where we were able to tell users more about the Compendium story and products that reflected who they were and the passion of the team behind the business.

Implementing the use of headless commerce our team was able to create content rich pages through Fusion CMS where the Compendium team can update content and aesthetics of their site on the front-end with ease and without worrying about changing anything on their product line which they have full control of through Big Commerce.

A Focus on B2C