Our Mission. Our Promise.

Our Clients

Our clients mean everything to us. Without them, we would not be here. Therefore, we strive to empower our clients and to strive to reach higher goals for themselves and their business. Educating them allows them to stand proud of their accomplishments and provides us the challenge to their next feat.

Our Team

It has and will always be our value to invest in our team members. We want them to grow and continue to challenge themselves without the stress of limitations. This in turn makes our team work in a place of enjoyment and pride.

Our Community

Green Monkeys Studio knows the importance of giving back to the community. Education, schools and wildlife are just some of the areas in which we take pride in helping our community.


Owner / Mad Hatter

image of Jesus - Owner of Green Monkeys Studio

Jesus was a helicopter mechanic in the US Army and always on the go. As a veteran, he founded Green Monkeys Studio and runs on endorphins and intensive bouts of creative focus. He enjoys cooking, rock climbing, reading, music, photography, and hiking the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


Developer / Mystic Creator

Image of Leandro - Web Developer at Green Monkeys Studio

Abdul has engineered and reversed-engineered a multitude of applications. His ingenuity comes from caffeine and the enjoyment of creating things that work. He enjoys running, road trips, hiking and kayaking.


Video Producer / Magic Maker

Image of Thomas - Video Producer at Green Monkeys Studio

Armed with a vast knowledge of film tech and video production, his strong instincts and attention to detail make him an excellent producer. Alex plans and delegates like a pro. He enjoys being active in his community, travelling, spending time with his cats and above all else, making video magic.


Giving Back Is Who We Are

image of group of people joining hands in a circle.

Being part of such a diverse ecosystem in the Pacific Northwest allows us the opportunity to experience nature at its fullest. We know how precious it is and so we work towards helping non-profit organizations that may need our tech assistance.